Toilet Overflow Extension Tubes (4-pack)



Four Overflow Extension Tubes. Video

Your toilet’s tank needs to have enough water in the tank for it to flush correctly. Too little water in the tank means the toilet doesn’t have enough power to empty the bowl completely. Over-Flow Extension tubes can increase the waterpower of your toilet so you only have to flush one time. It’s a quick and relatively simple fix that should keep you from having to flush more than once per use. You can increase the flushing power of your toilet with our overflow extension tubes.

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Description Overflow Extension Tubes

Order this package if the outer diameter of your existing overflow tube is between 1 inch and 1 & 1/16th inches, or 26.035 mm to 27.940 mm

  • Increase the volume of water per flush by adding an 8.5 inch Overflow Tube. Video
  • A simple fix for weak flushing toilets, Flush more Water one Time
  • Our package of 4 overflow extension tubes are designed to make your toilet flush better.
  • Simply slide the overflow tube extension over your existing overflow tube and glue in place with silicone glue provided.
  • The height of the tube needs to fall  1/2 inch below the handle hole on the toilet tank.
  • Our customized package contains 4 tubes that have  25/1000 of an inch difference in the outer diameter measurement.
  • Tubes are 8 inches long and can be cut to a custom length.
  • We are available by phone or email 7 days per week if any questions

Contact us with the outer diameter of your toilets current overflow tube or add your measurements in the notes section at checkout to ensure the correct size tubes are sent. 303-278-8067 —  [email protected] 

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