Toto THU128 Flush Valve Overflow Extension Tubes



Toto THU128 Flush Valve Overflow Extension Tubes

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NuFlush extension tubes are designed to increase the volume of water per flush. Product includes 2 extension tubes (flush valve and overflow tube not included). NuFlush extension tubes slide over the top of the overflow tube in Water Saver Toilets so you only Flush once. Overflow tube extensions increases the volume of water per flush so your Toilet stays Cleaner This can lead to significant water savings because the toilet will only need to be flushed once. These extension Tubes are dr. Blue and has an inside diameter of 1.225 in. or (31.115 mm). Measure your overflow tubes OD with no cap on top and send it in with your order. Just slide the overflow tube over the top of your overflow tube and glue it in place for a better flushing toilet.

  • 2 NuFlush OverFlow Extension Tubes for Toto THU128 Flush Valve
  • Increases Volume of Water Per Flush
  • Tube Sizing to Accommodate Different Toilet Needs
  • Puts more Water in your toilet for a Better Flush
  • Raise total overflow height to 8 or 9 inches

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