Toilet Overflow Extension Tubes (7-pack)



7 Pack Toilet Overflow Extension Tubes by NuFlush

Your toilet’s tank needs to have enough water in the tank for it to flush correctly. Too little water in the tank means the toilet doesn’t have enough power to empty the bowl completely. Over-Flow Extension tubes can increase the waterpower of your toilet so you only have to flush one time. It’s a quick and relatively simple fix that should keep you from having to flush more than once per use. You can increase the flushing power of your toilet with our overflow extension tubes.

Raises the height of the overflow tube so you have more water for a stronger flush.

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7 Pack Toilet Overflow Extension Tubes

  • Package includes silicone glue.
  • NuFlush Extension Tubes are a new inexpensive, no-mess solution to the problem of running, leaking or poorly flushing toilets.
  • If your toilet bowl looks 1/2 empty we have a permanent cure for weak flushing toilets. In order for manufacturers to call a toilet a “water-saver,” they lowered the height of the overflow tube so that the tank holds less water. Less water means less water volume and less water pressure to flush.
  • NuFlush Extension Tubes raise the height of the overflow tube so you have more water to flush. Simply place the tube over your existing overflow and begin flushing smoothly today!

The overflow tube in most USA toilets is normally only one inch to one and half inches in Diameter. Our overflow tube extensions only come in round sizes; they are 25 thousandths of an inch difference in each size and color coded. The tube we send you is 8 ½ long and if you can add another inch of water, you will be able to flush about another ½ gallon of water.

More importantly, the longer your inlet valve stays on, the more water you will put into your toilet bowl the better the flush. Our overflow tube extensions are 8.5 inches long because you don’t want the overflow tube higher than the handle hole. That will be the place where water will run out of the toilet on to the floor. The extension tube is easily sealed with silicone glue, sealing the tubes together is a must. We do not want the water leaking between the tubes.

You may need to cut our tube to stay below the handle hole. Our over flow tube extension can only increase the amount of water in your tank by that distance. We can improve the flushing of almost any toilet but that improvement is based on how much more water height can be increased.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 10 × 6 in

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