2-Inch Silicone Flapper with Styrofoam Float Inside, Kohler



2-Inch Silicone Flapper with Styrofoam Float Inside

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2-Inch Silicone Flapper with Styrofoam Float Inside

  • # 83093, 83650, 83094, 85655
  • For use with Kohler Tanks San Martine K-3435 and Rosario K-3434, Rialto GP1078440, K3323
  • Made of durable materials for longer life
  • Rigid frame offers better seal with flush valve
  • Tangle free chain
  • Fits Kohler models: Rialto (3402), San Martine (3435), San Raphael (3395, 3397), Rosario (3434), San Miguel (3406), Cabernet (3401, 3408), Palaree (3383), Pillow Talk (3378

This Flapper for Kohler 1-Piece Models is designed to help you save water with each flush. Made from a flexible rubber material, it has rigid frame that ensures a consistent seal throughout its lifetime. It is made from chlorine-resistant materials and won’t rot or corrode in harsh water conditions.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 3 in


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