2.5 inch Sealing Toilet Flapper for Larger Flush Holes



2.5 inch Sealing Flapper for Larger Flush Holes

  • 2.5-inch Flapper
  • 12-inch chain
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2.5 inch Sealing Toilet Flapper for Larger Flush Holes

  • The ring is Silicone, Bottom of ring is glued in with gasket seal.
  • 12-inch Black Plastic Chain, no rust!
  • The base fits over and on top of, existing flush valve seat
  • Seals perfect because they are made to fit together, includes flapper, drain seat, & pre-applied sealant ring
  • Create new flapper seal with caulking ring Hi-tech flapper change.
  • Change flapper seal without taking toilet apart works with a variety of brass, plastic, and some porcelain flush valves.
  • Perfect solution when flapper arms on flush valve are broken or non-existent rotate flapper dial to adjust flush volume.

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