Toto, Kohler, replacement hi-speed inlet valves & a full set of tube extensions


6 extension tubes to increase water in your toilet


Guaranteed Fit!   This is 6 extension tubes so your toilets will hold more water. You can change three toilets into power flusher. We will get your best guess of the sizes you need and we will send you the right fit guaranteed.

I appreciate your business and want to make sure that your extension tube fits your over- flow tube in your toilet. There are different sizes and we want to send you the best fit, we would like to have you measure the outside diameter of the over-flow tube in your toilet. If you have a small ruler or micrometer you can do this in inches or millimeters. This measurement is easier when you use a small ruler. Some toilet tanks are hard to fit a one foot ruler inside the tank for a good measurement. Remember we need the outside diameter.  Ron at


NuFlush extension tubes will let more water go to your toilet bowl so the bowl can be filled to the proper height, and therefore, more flushing power.  Having your bowl filled to the proper height with water will keep your toilet bowl cleaner and fresher. Inexpensive and easy to install with no Plumber house call. We have a US patent on our over-flow extension tubes, we sell them all over the world and there made wright here in Denver Colo. USA.  Our extension tubes will make any toilet flush better, but for “water-saver” toilets, there a miracle worker. You can pick out any three tubes.

Color/Size of extension tubes

Inches      mm

1.010      25.654          White

1.025      26.035           Light Grey

1.050      26.670           Pink

1.075      27.305           Red

1.100      27.940           Peach

1.125      28.575           Orange

1.150      29.210           Yellow

1.175      29.845           Light Blue

1.200      30.480           Green

1.225      31.115           Blue

1.250      31.750           Purple

1.275      32.385           Dark Grey

1.300      33.020           Beige


Repair Your Toilet Leak and Change your toilet into a power flusher

NUFLUSH is the next generation fill valve that is taking the world by storm. Its function is to stop the inflow of water supply when a certain desired water level is reached (leaking). Its revolutionary, ingenious design eliminates the need of a floater-buoyancy mechanism, making it compact and light, about the size of your palm. NuFlush extension tubes lengthen the overflow tube in your toilet, allowing more water depth to give you a better flush. The extra water depth will also seat your flapper valve better. The best thing about NuFlush extension tubes is you don’t have to take the tank off the toilet bowl base to install the sleeve. Anyone can improve their toilets flushing by lengthen the over-flow tube. The over flow tube extension will also improve the seating of the flapper valve.

It is important to maintain your household toilet, including the flapper valve. You may not be aware, but a leaky flapper valve can waste thousands of gallons of water annually. This is why it makes sense to do regular checks of all of your toilet’s working parts, including the toilet flapper valve. Your toilet has two main valves which are contained in your toilet’s tank. One is your flapper valve; the other is the refill valve or ball & cock. If your toilet flapper valve fails to seat properly, water will leak from your toilet tank into the bowl and down the drain. The fill valve will turn on and off as the water goes down the drain. The water going out of your toilet is hard to detect. This common problem with flapper valves causes a continuous flow of water which can really be a big waste of water. If you have a leaky flapper valve, this can translate into a lot of money over time.

Your leaky flapper valve may not be the entire reason for your leaky toilet. Flapper valves can float and not seal the drain hole in your tank. Flapper valves work better with a taller water column in the tank. They are seated by water pressure and the deeper the water the better the seal. Water Saver and Low Boy toilets have increased flapper valve problems.

You can increase the depth of your water in your water tank by putting in a taller over- flow tube. Over-flow tubes in some water saver toilets dictate how much water can be flushed to qualify the toilet as a “water saver toilet”.  Manufactures could not meet “water saver toilet” standards unless they flushed less than 1.6 gal. of water. Manufacturers made all their toilets qualify by shortening the length of their overflow tube.


NuFlush high speed water fill Valves are small and compact, take up less room in your tank. With these new valves, there is less to go wrong, and it is easier to see and adjust the flapper and handle parts. You can fill your toilet’s water tank twice as fast. NuFlush high speed fill valves use the newest technology and are highly efficient. These new valves turn off and on by water pressure, not like old fashion mechanical valves. Mechanical valves can be partially on and are prone to leaking.

NuFlush high speed water fill valves are either on or off. They are never partially on. The ball and cock water turn off valve was used in the 1920’s. The newer versions of the mechanical water valves can be a bigger challenge to adjust than the ball and cock assembly. NuFlush high speed water valves have single twist adjustment for water level. Most mechanical water valves have three water height adjustments. NuFlush water valves fill your toilet bowl with water to its maximum height. Water is sent to the bowl at a higher flow rate than older style valves, so you get more water in your bowl.


Water saver toilet designers removed our option to send enough water to the bowl to fill it properly. The overflow extension tubes allow your toilet to flush with more power. Giving your toilet more siphoning power, that takes place in a good flushing toilet. You will be saving water now because you only need to flush the toilet once.  NuFlush extension tubes and high speed water valves will make your toilet flush better and will save water.


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