Multifunction Strap Wrench for Large & Small Nuts



Multifunction Strap Wrench for Large & Small Nuts

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Multifunction Strap Wrench for Large & Small Nuts

1. Widely used in maintenance industries such as automobiles, tractors, oil filters, fuel filters, can openers, PVC pipe fittings, pipes, filters, etc.
2. The rubber non-slip handle is made of high-quality rubber, soft and comfortable, ensuring you have a firm grip and easy to use.
3. Made of high-quality rubber material, it can protect the surface from abrasion and scratches, and it is durable.
4. The flexible strap fits any shape, loose, tight, for objects that require more tension, such as oil filters, a large rubber wrench is recommended, while a smaller wrench is perfect for removing nuts, bolts, caps Wait.
6. Adjust the large wrench to 8″” diameter and the small wrench to 6″” diameter.

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