Soft Rubber Silicone 2-inch Flapper



Soft Rubber Silicone 2 inch Flapper by NuFlush

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Soft Rubber Silicone 2 inch Flapper by NuFlush

  • Replacement for Kohler 2-inch Flapper Valve, Soft Rubber by NuFlush
  • Flappers deteriorate over time as a result of in-tank cleaning products and chemicals used by utilities.
  • 2 Inch Replacement Flapper Valve with Adjustable Styrofoam Float Buoy.
  • 12 Inch Plastic Chain (excluding the Stainless-Steel Hooks on the ends; Hook fitting also adjustable).
  • Fits Eljer Toilet; Part #61BP; Also, an American Standard Replacement Part.
  • Multiple Applications. This Flapper Valve can be attached Hinge Style, Slide Down Over the Fill Tube; or. attach with the Wing Mounts. Easily Trimmed to Fit.
  • Easy Clip Adjustment; just remove clips.
  • Flexible Silicone Rubber Construction Provides Watertight Seal.
  • Ships in Protective Box with Extra Silicone Seals
  • Easy DIY Installation. Comes with Easy-to-Understand Instructions

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