Mansfield Summit Series 3.5-inch Flush Valve Part #2037-1212, #388-386, #384-386



Mansfield Summit Series 3.5-inch Flush Valve Part #2037-1212, #388-386, #384-386

  • Works with Manfield Toilet Model numbers #388-386, #384-386 Summit Series
  • Part # 2037-1212
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Mansfield 3.5-inch Flush Valve Replacement with Solid Silicone Flapper and Overflow Extension Tube

  • 2-piece Flush Valve
  • Flush Valve sits on the bottom of the toilet tank so you can flush all the water in the toilet tank
  • Overflow Extension Tube is fully adjustable and can add up to 5 additional inches of water
  • Also Fits as a replacement for the 3.5-inch Flush Valve in the original line of Champion toilets
  • Comes with a pair of steel bolts and a gasket for installation
  • The NuFlush exclusive sliding overflow tube adds extra water to the tank for a Stronger Flushing Toilet
  • Extra Large Flush Valve marketed as “4.5-inch” from Mansfield Toilet Manufacturer
  • Works with Manfield Model #388-386 #384-386
  • Part # 2037-1212
  • #206



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