Champion 4 Toilet Flush Valve, Power Flusher by Nuflush


Champion 4 Toilet Flush Valve

  • Hardbody flapper
  • Sliding overflow tube for increase flushing power
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      Champion 4 Toilet Flush Valve, Change Your Toilet into a Power Flusher

  • Champion 4 toilet flush valve replacement, flapper valve assembly “Our nut fits your nut”
  • Flush valve comes with overflow tube, nylon bolts and flapper rubber gasket.
  • Flush all the water in your toilet tank every time.
  • Stops Ghost Flushing!
  • Adjust water height with the sliding overflow tube, set the height of the overflow tube 1/2 inch below the handle hole for the best flush.

Champion 4 Review By Fix It Home Improvement – NuFlush

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