Cadet 3 Toilet 3-inch Flapper Ball



Cadet 3 Toilet 3-Inch Flapper Ball

  • Triple seal flapper ball
  • Fits 3-inch flush hole
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Cadet 3 Triple Seal Toilet 3-inch Flapper Ball

  • Case 5169 “Triple Seal” heavy duty flush ball
  • This “Triple Seal” flush ball is intended for threaded rod applications
  • Because this seal rises and falls vertically, it allows a complete emptying of the toilet tank, pulling all liquid and waste quickly from the bowl
  • Triple Seal name: The first contact creates the initial seal. As the ball pushes further, the outer seal comes in contact with the inner seal, obtaining a watertight seal
  • Stop the leak, and silence that annoying noise of water still running after the bowl is full
  • Made of soft and hard rubber
  • Compatible with Case toilet models: 3000 / 3200 4000-A / 4100-A 4200 / 4300 9000 / 9100 1000 / 1100 and Kenny Toilets.

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