AquaSource Fast Fill Valve & 2.5-inch 2-Piece Flush Valve



AquaSource Fast Fill Valve & 2.5-inch 2-Piece Flush Valve

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AquaSource Fast Fill Valve & 2.5-inch 2-Piece Flush Valve

  • Bottom Mount Fill Valve
  • 2.5″ Flush Valve
  • Includes Rubber Grommet and Nylon Bolts for Installation
  • Fills Your Toilet Faster and Flushes Better

The AquaSource toilet total replacement fill and flush valve with all installing parts included by NuFlush. This is a High Performance Universal Toilet Fill Valve that offers the best in toilet fill valve replacement. This fill valve sets the new standard in performance and features new upgrades for even more water-savings with a faster overall installation time. One of the most powerful fill valve in the market, generating over double greater refill rates than standard flush valves with ultra-quiet operation. Installation is easy with a provided pamphlet with step by step instructions for the fastest and easiest repair possible. A universal toilet fill valve that is designed to fit all US brand bottom water fed toilets with ease. This total replacement kit include a 2.5 inch flush valve, a rubber gasket, and 2 nylon bolts with sealing rubber washers. This will put new life into your toilet and allow it to operate new.

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