American Standard 2-inch Flapper and Chain with Float



American Standard 2 inch Flapper and Chain with Float

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American Standard 2 inch Flapper and Chain with Float

  • The American Standard Flapper and Chain with Float are engineered to function flawlessly. Our superb design is durable and reliable. Once you confirm that this flapper and chain assembly will work with your flush valve, you can install it easily and with confidence.
  • 2.5 inch Flapper valve With Buoy, and Narrow Wings.  Video
  • Wings: 2 Inches Outside to Outside. 1.5 Inches, between wings.
  • American Standard Replacement Part.
  • Silicone Rubber Body; and Styrofoam Float. Silicone Offers a Great Seal.
  • Flapper Stays Open longer to let all the water out for a better flush.
  • Easy adjustable Float. Remove the Clips; Slide to Desired Position; Replace the Clips. The closer the float is to the flapper the longer the flapper stays up.
  • Chain Length is Also Adjustable.
  • If you have to hold the handle down to complete a toilet flush you need a new Flapper
  • You can adjust this flapper to be able to flush without holding the handle down.

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