Delta 3.1 Inch Flapper Valve Assembly with Extra Silicone Seals and Sliding Overflow Tube for Two Piece Toilets



  • Delta Toilet Flush Valve 3.1 inch Flapper Valve for Two Piece Toilets
  • Delta Toilet Flush Valve Overflow Extension Tube to Add More Water to Your Toilet Tank
  • Delta Toilet Flush Valve More Water Means a More Powerful Flush
  • Delta Toilet Flush Valve 2 Extra Seals for the Hardbody Flapper
  • Delta Toilet Flush Valve Extra Seals to Replace Instead of the Flapper
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Delta 3.1 inch flapper Valve Assembly with Lifetime 3 inch Hard body & 2 extra silicone seals. Change the seals and not the flapper

Delta Toilet Flush Valve Includes sliding adjustable overflow tube that allows more water in your toilet for a better flush

Most flapper valves do not stay open long enough to allow you to flush all the water in your toilet

Delta Toilet Flush Valve The Sliding overflow tube lets you set the water height where your toilet will flush better. Make sure that the overflow tube is 1/2 inch below the handle hole before you glue it in place

Includes Stainless Steel Bolts and nuts.  If your toilet requires three bolts let us know

Heavy Duty Soft Rubber Tank to Bowl Gasket included

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Weight 0.75 lbs