2 inch Toilet Flapper Valve by NuFlush



Two Inch Soft Rubber Toilet Flapper Valve

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2 Inch Replacement Flapper Valve

  • chlorine-resistant heavy duty flapper
  • – fits most 2 inch flush valves with or without mounting ears
  • 12 Inch Plastic Chain (excluding the Stainless Steel Hooks on the ends; Hook fitting also adjustable).
  • Fits Eljer Toilet; Part #61BP.
  • Multiple Applications. This Flapper Valve can be attached Hinge Style, Slide Down Over the Fill Tube; or. attach with the Wing Mounts. Easily Trimmed to Fit.
  • Flexible Silicone Rubber Construction Provides water tight Seal.
  • Ships in Protective Cover
  • Easy DIY Installation. Comes with Easy to Understand Instructions
  • It is important to maintain your household toilet, including the flapper valve. You may not be aware of the loss of water down the drain, but a leaky flapper valve can waste thousands of gallons of water annually. This is why it makes sense to do regular checks of all of your toilet’s working parts, including the toilet flapper valve. Your toilet has two main valves which are contained in your toilet’s tank. One is your flapper valve; the other is the refill valve or ball & cock. If your toilet flapper valve fails to seat properly, water will leak from your toilet tank into the bowl, which will then be replaced. The fill valve will turn on and off as the water goes down the sewer. The water going out of your toilet is hard to detect. This common problem with flapper valves causes a continuous flow of water which can really be a big waste of water. If you have a leaky flapper valve, this can translate into a lot of money over time.

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