2-Inch Rubber Flapper, Universal Fit



2-Inch Rubber Flapper, Universal Fit

  • Compatible with Korky, Toto, Kohler, Kallista, Gerber, Viper and Most 2-inch Flush Valves Toilets.

    Cadet, Viper and more 2-inch Flush Valves Toilets.

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2-Inch Flapper Stops All Leaks
  • 2 -inch Toilet Flappers used in various one and two-piece toilets and 2-inch American standard toilet also compatible with Korky, Toto, Kohler, Eljer, KALLISTA, Gerber, Cadet, Viper and more 2-inch Flush Valves Toilets.
  • WATER SAVE DESIGN – These toilet drain plugs adopt an integrated design with high manufacturing precision.
  • QUICKLY FIXES running and leaking toilets. The rubber can form a tight seal to achieve maximum flushing efficiency and Save Water.
  • SUPER EASY TO USE AND INSTALL – Easy installed with 3 minutes. Our toilet plug has a nylon chain, which can be easily adjusted to a suitable height. Tight seal on most flush valves.
  • DURABLE & LAST LONGER – Our toilet stopper flapper is made of premium rubber, corrosion-resistant resists chlorine, apply to city water, hard & well water. Perfect for years of uses.

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