2.5-inch Toilet Flush Valve Gasket for 1 Piece Toilets



2.5 Inch Toilet Flush Valve Gasket

  • For use with 2.5-inch Flush Valves
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2.5 Inch Toilet Flush Valve Gasket

  • A toilet leak can be from the flush valve gasket.  Video
  • You can try replacing the gasket before buying a flapper valve assembly
  • Flapper valves can be sealing and still leak because the valve gasket can leak and not the flapper
  • The flush valve gasket is a rubber seal that sits between the tank and the bowl
  • Seals the water in the tank from leaking into the bowl when the toilet is not being flushed. If it is damaged or worn out, it can cause leaks
  • Replacing it is an easy fix that you can do yourself

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