T-Adapter with Screened Adapter (1/2-inch to 7/8-inch)



  • 1/2 inch T-adapter for Bidet water connections
  • Hot Water, 1/2 inch Bidet T-adapter
  • T-adapter for 1/2 inch Water Connection
  • Nylon 1/2 T-adapter for Hot and Cold Bidets
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Tell us what you need to hook up from 7/8 inch to 1/2 inch.
Change 1/2 inch pipe thread, to 7/8 inch T-Adapter and to Male to female.
All hot Water Connection for most bidets are 1/2 inch Pipe thread.
All cold water connections at the Toilet fill valve to bidets are 7/8 inch pipe thread. Most Cold Water Connections to bidets are attached to the bottom of the Toilet Fill Valve.
Most Hot Water connections are attached to 1/2 inch water line under the bathroom sink. Some hot water lines can also be attached to the 1/2 inch Shower hot water.

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