Barrel Filter with Adapters (1/2-inch or 7/8-inch connection)



  • ½ & 7/8  inch inline strainer
  • Hi-impact ABS
  • 1/2 inch & 7/8 female Inlet, 1/2″ & 7/8 male Outlet
  • Nylon Screen Filter
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1/2 inch & 7/8 inch female inlet with 1/2 inch  & 7/8 inch male Outlet Barrel Filter/ STRAINER
Hi-impact ABS Eliminate unnecessary repairs by keeping debris and other particles out of Pumps, Filters, Dishwashers, Toilets, Bidets or any air or water ½ inch pipe feed.
Screws directly onto ½ pipe thread. Filter has easy access design for cleaning out debris from the bowl.
Easy to disassemble and clean and reassemble.
Nylon screen.
Twist-On Water Strainer, 1/2 inch & 7/8 female inlet with 1/2 inch & 7/8 inch male Outlet
Protects your washing machine or any appliance from sediment build up on the inlet valve screen. Filtration process traps 98% of solids larger than 25 microns in size.

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