American Standard toilet Replacement parts, Hi-speed valve & 3 extension tubes


One high Speed Valve and three extension tubes, Buy direct from “NUFLUSH” and save.  Change your toilet into a power flusher.


NUFLUSH is the next generation Fill / Intake valve that will be taking the world by storm. Its function is to stop the inflow of water supply when a certain desired water level is reached. Its revolutionary ingenious design eliminates the need of floater-buoyancy mechanism, making it compact and light, about the size of your palm. In 1986 there was a mandate that stated that a water saver toilet could not be called one if it flushed more than 1.6 gal. What the toilet manufactures did on all their toilets to qualify for the water saver label, in spite of the toilets design, was to cut the over flow tube down to a height that would qualify any toilet as a water saver. The over- flow tubes became the new control device on how much water your water tank held.  The over- flow tube original function was only for safety.  Some of their existing designs worked better than others in their inventory based on the height of the over flow tube.  My over flow tubes were only 5.5 in long in all six toilets.  Some others are 7 in. or more pending on the shape of the tank. Water engineers know that there is not enough water in the water tank to seat the flapper valve in most water saver toilets and water is running down the drain all over the world. When you go to buy a toilet you, can’t buy one that is not a water saver. Very few are designed from top to bottom as one. The perfect design would have a water tank three feet high and ten in. in diameter to make sure the flapper valve seated well. You can buy a longer over flow tube for about $12. To install it, you’re going to have to take off the water tank. Make sure when you’re at the Hardware store, that you buy some rubber tank washers and new bolts. My bolts were rusted and my washers were jelly. I had put in two hours labor and two trips to my favorite hardware store. My nine year old granddaughter can put on one of my extension tubes. Our Tune-Up Kit is a must for plumbers making house calls.


Buy our hi out put fill valve and get three tubes free.

Our Tune Up Kit Contains, Three over flow tubes to Guarantee fit and a High Speed Fill Valve These all can be installed in about 5 minutes.

  1. NuFlush high speed water fill Valves are small and compact take up less room in your tank. Less to go wrong. Easier to see and adjust the flapper and handle parts.
  2. You can fill your toilets water tank twice as fast.
  3. NuFlush high speed fill valves are new century, high technology devices.
  4. Turns off and on by water pressure, not like old fashion mechanical valves.
  5. Mechanical valves can be partially on and leaking. NuFlush high speed water fill valves are either on or off. Never partially on.
  6. The ball and cock water turn off valve was used in the 1920’s. The newer versions of the mechanical water valves can be a bigger challenge to adjust than the ball and cock assembly.
  7. NuFlush high speed water valves have one twist adjustment for water level.
  8. Most mechanical water valves have three water height adjustments.
  9. NuFlush water valves fill your toilet bowl with water to its maximum high. When your bowl is full you will have less bowl stains.

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