Is your toilet valve taking too long to fill?

First, check your shut off valve at the wall to make sure it’s open all the way. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll have to replace your ballcock or refill valve in the tank. It’s not hard to do and as these fail, they will cause the tank to fill slowly (because the valve doesn’t release properly). Your toilet could have low water pressure or clogged lines, or perhaps the flush valve is leaking – the flush valve is the rubber flap thing that is in the center bottom of the tank- those are notorious leakers.  Also:

s from the water treatment plant.

  Regulation in 1994 mandated that only 1.6 gallons of water be used per flush

  Water pressure helps flushing and this regulation created a surge of toilet issues

 Some valves are just slow and do not perform at high speeds

What do I need to speed up my toilet?

If your parts are damaged, than you need a replacement. Other companies are making the mistake by making valves and toilet parts over-complicated. NuFlush believes in the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach. Toilets are simple machines and we offer simple solutions. Don’t pay the plumber when we offer DIY options that are affordable and takes 5 minutes to install.


Turbo Toilet Tune-up Kit

High-Speed Fill-up Valve and 6 Extension Tubes will change your toilet into a power flusher.

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Anti-siphon Toilet fill Valve by NuFlush, Buy direct and save big.

Anti-siphon Toilet fill Valve by NuFlush, Buy direct and save big. “NuFlush Universal Anti-siphon Toilet Tank Fill Valve”. Buy direct from NuFlush and save big. This fill valve fills the toilet tank with water from the water supply line after it has been emptied by a flush. It replaces the Ball cock and is more efficient and easy to install. This is an anti-siphon design-fill valve with adjustable height from 9" to 14". One of the most used new fill valves in the world. Replace your old style Ball Cock valve with a better performing NuFlush fill valve.

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