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Is your toilet too noisy?

Noisy toilets are truly annoying and is a definite sign that your toilet is not working properly.  Some of the parts in your toilet may have become corroded or worn out over time due to chemicals from the water treatment plant.  The main reason for the noise is because your toilet refill valve is damaged or just not working properly.  It could also be that the fill valve model you have is just a loud and obnoxious model. Also:

s from the water treatment plant.

   NuFlush Silent Toilet Valves replace the water in your tank at a higher rate

   Adds better proficiency to your toilet flushes because it’s a simple machine

  Many valves are just loud because the valve is sticking out of the water

What do I need to shut up my toilet?

If your parts are damaged, than you need a replacement. Other companies are making the mistake by making valves and toilet parts over-complicated. NuFlush believes in the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach. Toilets are simple machines and we offer simple solutions. Don’t pay the plumber when we offer DIY options that are affordable and takes 5 minutes to install.

Silent Fill Valve

Silent Toilet Fill Valve

This is a simple replacement for any other toilet fill valve you currently have. We make our valves based on water pressure. You do not need all of those clunky fill valves or floats that damage easily. This sits at the bottom of your toilet tank and shuts off and on when needed. No run-ons and makes little to no noise!

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Nuflush fill valve replacement kit for Fluidmaster

This is The Nuflush DIY toilet fill valve repair Kit replacing Fluidmaster's A-400 fill valve; NuFlush’s High-Speed Fill Valve replacement part for Fluidmaster is the next generation Fill / Intake valve. Its function is to stop the inflow of water supply when a certain desired toilet water level is reached.  Just simply slip these over your flapper valve and you will have more powerful flushes instantly. Water pressure helps dictate a toilet’s flushing pressure and these tubes prevent the issue of clogged toilets – very simple. The Fluidmaster Fill Valve Repair Kit includes 1 fill valve and six extension tubes.

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Toilet Repair Kits Nuflush Dual Flush Valve

Nuflush water saving toilet Dual Flush Valve

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Anti-siphon Toilet fill Valve by NuFlush, Buy direct and save big.

Anti-siphon Toilet fill Valve by NuFlush, Buy direct and save big. “NuFlush Universal Anti-siphon Toilet Tank Fill Valve”. Buy direct from NuFlush and save big. This fill valve fills the toilet tank with water from the water supply line after it has been emptied by a flush. It replaces the Ball cock and is more efficient and easy to install. This is an anti-siphon design-fill valve with adjustable height from 9" to 14". One of the most used new fill valves in the world. Replace your old style Ball Cock valve with a better performing NuFlush fill valve.

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Three of our Quietest toilet inlet valves on the market. 3 NuFlush, under water quiet toilet Valves

Silent ValveNuFlush, "Super Quiet" water valves are small and compact take up less room in your toilets water tank, less to go wrong, easier to see and adjust the flapper and handle parts. You can fill your toilets water tank and bowl fast and Quiet with a NuFlush Quiet fill valve It is natturally quiet because its under water. NuFlush super quiet fill valves are new century, high technology toilet fill valves that turns off and on by water pressure, not like old fashion mechanical valves that turn off by floating up

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Smallest Anti-Syphon mini pilot valve 1/2 inch inlet.

This valve is our smallest anti-siphon mini pilot valve for smaller tanks about 3 3/4in. X 3in. NuFlush fill valves are new century, high technology devices. Fits 1/2 in pipe thread and 15/16 pipe with adapter. Turns off and on by water pressure, not like old fashion mechanical valves. Mechanical valves can be partially on and leaking. NuFlush water fill valves are either on or off. Never partially on. The ball and cock water turn off valve was used in the 1920’s. The newer versions of the mechanical water valves can be a bigger challenge to adjust than the ball and cock assembly. NuFlush water valves have one twist adjustment for water level. Most mechanical water valves have three water height adjustments.

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