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The #1 reason for a leaky toilet is the flapper valve. The flapper must seal over the hole in order to prevent water from seeping through. Toilet parts corrode and wear out over time because of chemicals from water treatment plants. Many of the flappers in today’s toilets are plastic which does not allow for a secure seal. The water may have damaged multiple parts in your toilet as well and you may need to replace the pieces that were damaged.

NuFlush only offers soft rubber flappers inside the flapper valve. Each of our soft flappers are protected and sealed with a hard plastic case and is very easy to install.

What do I need to fix my leaky toilet?

We know how damaging a leaky toilet can be, not only to your bathroom floor, but also to your water bill. The faster you fix it, the less painful and annoying it will be for you. So let’s fix it.

If your parts are damaged, than you need a replacement. Other companies are making the mistake by making valves and toilet parts over-complicated. NuFlush believes in the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) approach. Toilets are simple machines and we offer simple solutions. Don’t pay the plumber when we offer DIY options that are affordable and takes 5 minutes to install.