Repair Your Toilet Leak and Change your Toilet into a Power Flusher.

Two fast fill NuFlush Fill Valves, 2 Extension Tubes, so your toilets will hold more water and two soft rubber Flapper valves.. You can change 2 toilets into power Flushers.

NuFlush extension tubes will let more water go to your toilet bowl so the bowl can be filled to the proper height, and therefore, more flushing power.  Having your bowl filled to the proper height with water will keep your toilet bowl cleaner and fresher. Inexpensive and easy to install with no Plumber house call. We have a US patent on our overflow extension tubes, we sell them all over the world and there made here in Denver Colo. USA.  Our extension tubes will make any toilet flush better, but for “water-saver” toilets, there a miracle worker. You can pick out any three tubes.