Toilet seat bidet conversion with hot water connecting adapters included


NuFlush warm water bidet attachment, has no Electricity, Hot and cold water controls and connection Adapters.


Product Description

          Make sure you buy warm water bidets with the hot water adapters included.  Most hardware stores do not stock these 1/4 in. bidet adapters  for hot water hookup. We sell adapters to other bidet customers on our website and other selling websites because they are not included in the bidet purchase from other sellers.

          NuFlush bidet toilet seat is easy and quick to install, and it fits all toilets. Non-electric. 

          All Hot water type bidets can also be used with only cold water.

          NuFlush’s bidet attachment Installs simple and easy.

             NuFlush, Bidet toilet seat attaches to hot and cold water

         Two different types of hot water connectors (Adapters) are included     

          Material: ABS  resin.



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