Product Description

7/8 inch male adapter, 7/8 inch Female, straight adapter pipe thread with strainer
Easy to install, keep water lines clean with built in strainer.
7/8 male ABS Nylon straight adapter to 7/8 inch female.
For air and water with strainer to keep lines clean.
You can add a strainer on any house hold item.

7/8 male; ABS Nylon straight valve adaptor for 7/8 in. pipe thread with screen strainer. For toilet valves and can be used for other hose connections to run a water or air line off a 7/8 inch pipe connection. Protect appliances with screen strainer.Nuflush Screen Adapter Don’t buy a toilet fill valve without a screen adapter in high mineral water areas of the country. Your water in your house or apartment pipes will build up with calcium and break off in the pipes and clog up most fill valves and appliances shortening their life. Most fill valves go bad prematurely from calcium buildup in pipes. This adapter attaches to the bottom of all 7/8 in. and 15/16 in. Fill Valves. We also have them in 3/8 and ½ pipe thread.