Product Description

7/8 inch male adapter, 7/8 inch Female, Removable Filter pipe thread with strainer
Easy to install, keep water lines clean with built in Filter
7/8 male ABS Nylon Filter to 7/8 inch female.
For air and water with strainer to keep lines clean.
You can add a Filter on any house hold item.

7/8 male; ABS Nylon valve Filter for 7/8 in. pipe thread with Removeable Filter. For toilet valves and can be used for other hose connections to run a water or air line off a 7/8 inch pipe connection. Protect appliances with filter. Nuflush Canister Filter. Most fill valves go bad prematurely from calcium buildup in pipes. This Filter attaches to the bottom of all 7/8 in. and 15/16 in. Fill Valves. We also have them in 3/8 and ½ pipe thread.