Product Description

  • Repair Champion 4 Toilet Valve
  • Includes 2 replacement silicone seals and Silicone Glue
  • Add more water to your toilet tank
  • Stop toilet leaks and Ghost Flushing
  • Easy installation

Package includes 2 replacement seals for the Champion 4 flush valve and a tube of Silicone Glue. There are also 6 different lengths of overflow tube extensions that will increase your water in your toilet tank from 1 inch to 6 inches. Choose the length that works best for the height of your toilet tank. They are easy to press into the overflow tube and change from one to a taller or shorter size for the best flush. These tubes fit inside the overflow tube in your Champion 4 toilet to increase the water level in the toilet tank. Your Champion 4 toilet will flush better with more water. The increased weight of water in the toilet tank will hold the flapper valve down better so the flapper will seat and not leak. Otherwise, the flapper valve has a tendency to float and not seat due to only having the weight of 4 inches of water to flush. The Champion 4 flush valve leaves 4 inches of water on the bottom of the tank and never leaves the toilet tank.