Nuflush, Mini pilot Fill valve replacement parts for Korky, Fluidmaster, American Standard, Kohler and Toto.

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NuFlush Toilet Replacement Parts: The complete toilet repair kit for Korky comes with high speed fill valve, new soft rubber flapper valve and 3 extension tubes.


Product Description

NuFlush, Toilet Repair Kit, replacement parts with Mini pilot Fill valve, like Korkey’s Quiet valve.
Complete toilet repair kit that replaces the Korkey quiet fill valve with our NuFlush fast fill valve, NuFlush soft rubber flapper valve and 3 of our extension tubes with guarantee fit.The tubes we sent you are 8 ½ long and if you can add another inch of water, you will be able to flush about another ½ gallon of water. More important, the longer your inlet valve stays on the more water you will put into your toilet bowl the better the flush. The extension tube is easily sealed with silicone glue. The over flow tube  holds the flapper valve and the distance between the flushing handle hole and the top of your overflow tube is the maximum you can improve the fill of your toilet water tank. Our over flow tube extension can only increase the amount of water in your tank by that distance. We can improve the flushing of almost any toilet but that improvement is based on how much more water height can be increased.