Hi-speed Toilet Fill Valve, and 3 Over-flow Extension Tubes

$29.95 $19.95

  • Replaces Kohler, American Standard, Toto and Fluid Master parts
  • Fill toilet bowl and tank fast, with high speed valve.

  • 3 extension Tubes with purchase
  • Extension tubes will give you more water so your toilet will flush better.
  • We make toilets flush better and you will save water because you will only have to flush once.
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Product Description

NuFlush “High-Speed Valve” will fill up your water tank twice as fast as a normal ball and cock water valve. Our patented over-flow tube will give your toilet a more powerful flush. If you are tormented by your toilet that leaks and needs at least two flushes. NuFlush has an easy fix without taking off the water tank. NuFlush has the only true toilet fix on the market that will change the way your toilet flushes. Our website will give you lots of information on how to improve your toilets flushing.