Hand-Held Chrome Bidet – Easy Installation

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Attractive in any bathroom, Chrome Hand Held Bidet Attachment,by NuFlush.

Easily get the ultimate in freshness and hygiene with the NuFlush Hand-Held Bidet.

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Product Description

NuFlush Bidet Hand-Held Sprayer is easy to install. The adjustable pressure hose and parts are designed for years of trouble free use. All parts are included for easy installation. No special tools are needed and are designed for all US toilets. Mounting brackets are included for installation on the toilet and the wall. Nuflush Chrome Metal Spiral Hose NuFlush hoses are specifically designed for use with our hand bidets. Their flexible, approximately 47″ in length is designed to withstand more than 4 times your normal household water pressure. Exclusive Water Attachment T, This high quality T attachment is designed for US toilets. It’s easily removed for cleaning and helps to prevent your spray head nozzle from clogging up and leaking when in the off position. Hand Bidet Holder / Mounting Bracket Each hand bidet is supplied with a special holder / mounting bracket allowing you to attach the hand bidet to a convenient location within easy reach.