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Product Description

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NUFLUSH, Europe’s best Toilet Fill Valve with Easy Calibration

                                                         “Europe’s Best fill valve” Plumbers Monthly. 

This is our top of the line toilet fill valve. We think it is the best toilet valve made.


  • Saves Water and fills tank and bowl full and won’t turn off to early and leave your bowl half full.


  • Installs Quickly and Easily without Tools, Eliminating Guesswork
    • Easy Calibration Assures Full Flush Power
    • 2″ Long x 7.3″ Wide x 6.3″ High

NUFLUSH is committed to delivering innovative new toilet products focused on reliable flushing for both residential and commercial applications.

Application Fill Valve
Height 6.3
Length 7.3
Product Weight 0.07
Width 2 inches