Product Description

This is The Nuflush DIY (Do it yourself) toilet fill valve repair Kit; NuFlush’s High-Speed Fill Valve replacement toilet valve for all American type toilets. This is a new generation Fill / Intake valve. Its function is to stop the inflow of water supply when a certain desired toilet water level is reached. “Change your toilet into a power flusher”. With these replacement parts that fit most toilets. Just simply slip our over-flow tube extension tube over your over flow tube in your toilet tank and you will have a more powerful flush. Increased water volume helps a toilet’s flushing performance and these tubes prevent the issue of clogged toilets – “a very simple fix”. The best part is you only have to flush your toilet once and you will have a cleaner toilet, The NuFlush Fill Valve Repair Kit includes 1 highspeed fill valve and six extension tubes for guaranteed fit.