Commercial Toilet Inlet Valve, Extra Large Water Inlet Valve, Built for Heavy Toilet Traffic.

$39.95 $34.95

  • Heavy Duty, Commercial-toilet-inlet-valve-large-water-inlet-valve-built-for-heavy- Toilet Traffic
  • Water saving type fill valve
  • Toilet repair and replacment fill valve.
  • Highest quality toilet fill valve on the market.
  • This is a new third generation toilet fill valve
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Product Description

NUFLUSH “Commercial”, Toilet Fill Valve with Easy Calibration Water Saving Toilet Fill Valve Features: A very reliable Toilet Fill Valve · Saves Water and fills tank and bowl full and won’t turn off to early and leave your bowl half full. · Installs Quickly and Easily without Tools, Eliminating Guesswork · Easy Calibration Assures Full Flush Power. NUFLUSH is committed to delivering innovative new toilet products focused on reliable flushing for both residential and commercial applications.